NFL Commissioner Goodell will hear Brady's appeal: NFL website

From: Ancicbob15 May 2015 12:01
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(Reuters) - NFL Commissioner Goodell will hear New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's suspension appeal, the NFL website said on Thursday. NFL Media reported that the league confirmed its decision to the outlet. Reuters could not immediately verify the report independently. The NFL players union, which filed the appeal on behalf of Brady earlier on Thursday, called for an independent arbitrator to hear the case involving one of the league's marquee players. (Reporting by Curtis Skinner; Editing by Ken Wills)
From: Ancicbob15 May 2015 12:02
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The forums are finally up again! Not all is lost.

Now, finally, we can talk about the NFL suspension of Tom Brady and his appeal.
From: Unknown user17 May 2015 14:10
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Brady will probably end up with a two game suspension. If Belichick and the Pats had nothing to do with it according to the Well's report; why take draft picks away from the Pats?

From: Ancicbob17 May 2015 15:21
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Heck, Big Bill and Big Tom won't even accept 2 games. I say this one winds up in court and Brady will test the NFL's resolve and suit up for the first game. Actually, there's no proof other than those emails, and that probably won't stand up in court. Not that I'm saying that Brady is innocent. He didn't need that advantage of soft footballs, BTW. The Pats would have beaten the Colts going away as it is.
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From: Unknown user19 May 2015 12:05
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Ya. They did not have under inflated balls in the Superbowl, and Brady did mighty fine...
From: Ancicbob20 May 2015 12:00
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I myself think that the situation is completely OVERBLOWN! ROFL!
From: Unknown user20 May 2015 12:05
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It is much ado about nothing. Normally the fine for deflated balls is $25,000....
From: Ancicbob20 May 2015 17:17
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It may be the aftershock of the Ray Rice incident and Goodell's initial action. After all the tapes came out, he was forced to give Rice a much heavier fine and suspension. Also, with the Pats and Big Bill's rep, he has been seen too soft on the Patriots. Thus, he had to do something that would get the public off his back.
From: Unknown user21 May 2015 12:12
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Have you seen the site...  ??? Your team ranks as a 19. The Pats are higher of course....
From: Ancicbob22 May 2015 14:15
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I guess that proves that all teams cheat. The Bills have never been really good at it, probably as good as their record indicates.
From: Unknown user25 May 2015 20:09
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Think about Pittsburgh. One year they let their field freeze to prevent the oppositions passing game. I love what Red Auerbach used to do during the playoffs. In the hot Boston Garden he would turn up the heat in the visiting teams locker room. Pat Riley complained it was 86 degrees one time.. LOL

From: Ancicbob26 May 2015 11:54
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Now that's really turning up the heat on your opponents. LMAO.
From: Unknown user26 May 2015 13:06
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There are so many examples of people trying to get an edge in sports, it makes the entire Brady situation ridiculous in hindsight....if it is such an issue, why not have both teams use the same balls???
From: Ancicbob26 May 2015 17:54
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You're going to see that the refs will have the footballs locked up where only they can access them from now on.
From: Unknown user28 May 2015 12:00
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I think the NFL should have a new rule too. IF the QB does not like the ball, he can ask for another one... kinda like baseball...
From: Ancicbob28 May 2015 12:03
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If the quarterback had that option, he could keep on doing that to delay the game, if that helps his team.
From: Unknown user28 May 2015 12:05
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I think when Gronk spikes the ball, it loses a pound of pressure... LOL

From: Ancicbob28 May 2015 17:59
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Gronk is a WNY native, so he must put a lot into his spikes. LOL
From: Unknown user29 May 2015 13:47
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Gronk finally is healthy. He was on the IR for a few years...
From: Ancicbob29 May 2015 19:26
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He was starting to be like Tiger Woods with all his injuries.