Protecting my plants from deer.

From: System 1 Nov 2015 07:10
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My back yard is all fenced in. Out front, I have a 5-foot gate between the front and back yards. However, that is no hindrance to the deer that hop over the fence and devour my plants. I caught one the other week in my yard and clapped it get him to move out of my garden. Last week, I came across deer droppings and knew he was back. Also, he got one of my big ripe tomatoes, so I build myself a deer cage to put my tomato plants that are in pots and containers. Added some mothballs on the corners of the cage and hope this helps keep my plants from being the deer's next meal.

photo DEER-2.jpg

photo TOMATOCAGE2.jpg

photo TOMATOCAGE3.jpg
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