Cybratons no more?

From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 4 Feb 2016 13:13
To: Deanna 1 of 32
Suddenly we are on a new server! What happened to Cybratons?

My link from home sent me here:

Here at work, the Penalty Box Archive got me here and the Cybatrons Penalty Box link was not found.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 4 Feb 2016 13:17
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 2 of 32
Link works.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 4 Feb 2016 13:25
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 3 of 32
I was just surprised that suddenly we were transported to a another planet. "Beam me up Scotty!"
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 6 Feb 2016 09:02
To: Deanna 4 of 32
Do you know what happened with Cybatrons? Did it shut down? What happened with the Penalty Box Archive site?
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 8 Feb 2016 09:47
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 5 of 32
It looks exactly the same though. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Feb 2016 07:56
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 6 of 32
It is the same, but I lost my PB Archive site. Still no explanation as to what happened.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Feb 2016 09:50
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 7 of 32
Maybe your stuff is in a cloud somewhere.... LOL

From: Razz (RAZZMAN)10 Feb 2016 13:50
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 8 of 32
I'm not sure what happened to Dark Poet. She still hasn't answered my post about it on the Hosts forum. Strange.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)11 Feb 2016 13:34
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 of 32
Hopefully she is OK.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)11 Feb 2016 14:22
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 10 of 32
Yea. No response and the Archive PB is not working. The link takes me here.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)11 Feb 2016 16:09
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 11 of 32
Hmmm. I will call Mulder and Scully regarding this disappearance.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)12 Feb 2016 10:19
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 12 of 32
The disappearance and the sudden transport to another galaxy. Strange indeed!
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)12 Feb 2016 18:24
To: Deanna 13 of 32
Just hoping everything is well with you. Haven't heard from you in a while and was wondering about the new server we now are on and what happened to the PB Archive site.

Hope to hear from you soon.
From: ross (LEWPORT71)13 Feb 2016 19:19
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 14 of 32
Thanks for the heads in the email.
I clicked and after a short login I am here.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)14 Feb 2016 09:25
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 15 of 32
Maybe while you were flying to the moon, you went through a worm hole?
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)14 Feb 2016 12:07
To: ross (LEWPORT71) 16 of 32
My old link for the Penalty Box Archives directed me here. It's strange how we were suddenly transported to a new universe.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)14 Feb 2016 12:09
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 17 of 32
We were having temps of the moon this morning or one of the outlying planets. It was the coldest day here since I was going to H.S. It reached -13 at the airport and my thermometer said -12 when I got up before 8 this morning.
photo ValentinesDayTemps.png
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)17 Feb 2016 08:09
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 18 of 32
Wow. We only got to -2.... it is amazing to see that level of temp on a car thermometer....
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)18 Feb 2016 13:14
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 19 of 32
Actually, I don't know where the Weather Channel recorded that -13 degrees. Officially at the NOAA web site it had the lowest at -12, like at my house.

It was shocking today when I got up and saw it was 8on my thermometer. Next time I checked, a few minutes later, it had dropped to 7, and then 5 and by the time I left, it was only 3 degrees outside! It wasn't supposed to get this cold today (Thursday).
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)19 Feb 2016 08:15
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 20 of 32
Yeah, today it was 18 degrees on my car thermometer. After the -2 last Sunday, it seems almost balmy....