COVID-19 is a Chinese Bioweapon

From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 1 Apr 2021 09:13
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 23 of 55
That's how this government has been corrupted over the past 100 years. I agree with you. Once a law is passed by Congress, it should be untouchable except by Congress itself...or maybe the Supreme Court.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 1 Apr 2021 09:46
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 24 of 55

Did you see Biden's new Stimulus proposal? It is insane. I cannot believe it will pass though I suspect it probably will. He is bankrupting the next generation for sure.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 1 Apr 2021 10:00
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 25 of 55
Spend now, pay later. You are talking about the Infrastructure plan, right? The roads and bridges of this country are falling apart, though. In WNY, it's actually dangerous to drive over some of our bridges.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 1 Apr 2021 10:10
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 26 of 55
A very small portion of the bill is for actual infrastructure. It is a total joke. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 1 Apr 2021 11:19
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 27 of 55
That sounds like the Stimulus Bill. More fat than fact.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 1 Apr 2021 11:23
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 28 of 55
Biden was responsible for distribution of the Obama Stimulus which did nothing except give money to designated Democratic supporters...Meanwhile, the US is already 30 Trillion in debt. Who is gonna bail us out? China???
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 2 Apr 2021 09:00
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 29 of 55
That's been the policy of every administration in my lifetime. Spend now, worry about it later. The U.S. had a balanced budget just once I can remember. Outside of that, it's spend like money is going out of style. It's both Republican and Democrat administrations that have run up the debt to a point of no return.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 3 Apr 2021 16:21
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 30 of 55
Right. The last time we did not have a deficit etc was during Bill Clinton's administration. 

Just got back from my friendly Indian casino where we had a great time. I had my 7th Calvary hat and if people asked my name said it was George from Buffalo.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 3 Apr 2021 20:14
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 31 of 55
You should have said you were Razzman from Buffalo. LOL

That balanced budget was certainly short-lived. With every administration since, it was go for all the gusto and don't worry about the future of our kids.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 4 Apr 2021 09:03
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 32 of 55
It is a joke. All they do is print money and hope there is no inflation.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 4 Apr 2021 09:35
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 33 of 55
I read a couple books by Ron Paul (Rand's father) a few years ago and he was talking about how the Feds print money and have no concern about how it is damaging this country.

From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 4 Apr 2021 13:16
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 34 of 55
No question that Ron Paul is right on. Rand is spot on with a lot of issues.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 5 Apr 2021 09:27
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 35 of 55
I actually prefer the dad, Ron over Rand. Some of Rand's policies and his actions are not along my way of thinking. I did see Ron Paul speak in person when he was campaigning for President and was able to talk to him shortly.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 5 Apr 2021 09:42
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 36 of 55
Ron does seem to have his head on a bit straighter. Though I would take Rand over a lot of the Republicans.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 5 Apr 2021 09:57
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 37 of 55
The two books I read by Ron Paul were excellent. Too bad he is so old, and that probably was one of the problems he had when he was running for President.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 5 Apr 2021 10:12
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 38 of 55
Ron Paul also speaks with a lot of common sense, which is not good in the currently total political world we live in.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 5 Apr 2021 16:14
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 39 of 55
Yea, his common sense and his age were factors in him not getting enough support. You're right. There is not too much common sense going on in the Swamp.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 5 Apr 2021 19:18
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 40 of 55
I was watching the Texas Ranger game which was at full capacity. Hardly anyone had masks on... LOL
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 6 Apr 2021 08:59
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 41 of 55
It will be interesting to see if Texas will have an explosion of Covid cases. I hear that Michigan is having it's worse Covid infections since the pandemic started. Even here in NYS, the cases are increasing. They say that it's not the older people who have had the shots, but kids and those 12-30. Those are the age groups that haven't had the vaccines yet.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 6 Apr 2021 09:06
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 42 of 55
When they had all the BLM  mobs with no masks people did not seem concerned about covid outbreaks. Since younger folks are immortal to this and most older are vaxxed, how can there be an outbreak?

I did read the CDC (assuming you believe them) clearly stated that if you are vaxxed, you cannot transmit the Covid. That sounds like good news.