Superspreader hits Buffalo's ice

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A Covid Bomb went off on the ice in Buffalo last weekend. The New Jersey Devils played 2 games with the Sabres an apparently exploded on the ice with Covid-19. Since then, 17 Devils have been put into Covid protocol and 5 Sabres followed suit. Even more concerning is the fact that Sabres coach Ralph Krueger, 61 years old, tested positive for the virus.

The infection spread so fast and far that it may have been the more infectious Covid-UK that was brought into the Buffalo arena last weekend. The Sabres have voiced displeasure over the fact that the Devils were allowed to play even though the Devils' Travis Zajac was put into the protocol for Saturday's game as was Devils winger Kyle Palmieri before Sunday's game. During those two games of close contact between players, Covid exploded all over the ice and in the air.

It's concerning that the New Jersey Devils spread the virus so easily. Since the team came in from the New York City area, the virus many players contracted could very well be that Covid-UK variant. If so, then they may have infected many more than just the hockey team. Contact tracing must be done in the hotel they stayed in, the restaurants they ate at, the transportation to and from the arena and the hotel, the airlines flights they took to and from New Jersey. In all, the Devils may have carried the deadly Covid-UK to the Buffalo area and released it in the area.

As Sabres' Ralph Krueger and Jake McCabe enter Covid protocol, NHL tightens reins

Mike Harrington Feb 4, 2021 Updated 12 min ago

The Buffalo Sabres announced Thursday that coach Ralph Krueger has tested positive for Covid-19. Later in the day, the NHL added defenseman Jake McCabe to its Covid protocol list, making him the fifth Sabre named.

As the NHL's outbreak deepened, with Buffalo remaining one of the hot spots, the league tightened its protocols and Commissioner Gary Bettman tried to allay fears about the situation.

"It is important to note that, while we have seen almost 100 players enter our COVID Protocols, fewer than half have done so because of confirmed positive tests," Bettman said in a statement issued Thursday afternoon. "And, among that group, many have not been symptomatic. With about 20 percent of our season played, we are mindful of the fact that we might be seeing a more aggressive transmission of the virus and will continue to make adjustments to our Protocols as we consult on a daily basis with, and adhere to, the recommendations of our medical advisors."

Krueger, 61, is required by NHL rules to wear a mask while coaching on the bench during games. He was regularly seen unmasked on the ice during training camp but has been wearing one regularly during practices since the season began, dropping it from time to time so his instructions can be better heard.

The Sabres' season was put on pause by the NHL on Tuesday and their next four games have been postponed. Buffalo, Minnesota and New Jersey all entered the day on pause and they were joined by Colorado, which was shut down through Feb. 11 on Thursday night. The Avalanche will have four games postponed over that span.

The Sabres have not made General Manager Kevyn Adams available for comment since the situation began to unfold Tuesday morning. The only comment Thursday was the 18-word announcement about Krueger's status the team posted on its Twitter feed.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Dallas Stars coach Rick Bowness said when told about Krueger after Thursday's morning skate in Columbus. "I wish him well and I hope he gets healthy really fast."

Krueger's positive test would be concerning on its own for the Sabres, but is particularly troubling because of the medical problems assistant coach Don Granato endured early last season. Granato, 53, spent several weeks in Buffalo General Medical Center with pneumonia and a near-fatal bacterial infection in his bloodstream. He was on a ventilator to help with his breathing and missed nearly two months of work. Granato is regularly seen in practice wearing what appear to be N95 medical masks.

McCabe was one of three NHL players added to the list Thursday, joining Colorado captain Gabriel Landeskog and Minnesota winger Nico Sturm. The Wild now have seven players on the list. New Jersey goalie Aaron Dell completed quarantine and was removed, leaving the Devils' list at a league-high 16.

The Sabres are known to be irritated at the potential for in-game spread during their two-game series over the weekend against New Jersey. NBCSN's Bob McKenzie said Wednesday night the team contacted the NHL Players Association for guidance after New Jersey's Travis Zajac did not play in Saturday's game here. Sunday's game went on even after Devils winger Kyle Palmieri was removed from the lineup due to protocols. The Devils had five more players hit the list Monday and that's when the Sabres' problems started.

Detroit coach Jeff Blashill said his team had a similar issue when it played Carolina at home on Jan. 16. Three days later, five Hurricanes were on the list. Three days after that, five Red Wings appeared. The players on both teams were cleared as of Thursday.

"We played Carolina, who had guys that ultimately played with Covid," Blashill said Thursday. "That's just the reality of the testing being delayed. I'm quite certain that's where our guys got it. It's really hard to avoid that. But our guys got it and it didn't spread any farther within our team after that. I think our medical staff did an excellent job."

The league directed teams late Wednesday to remove the Plexiglas behind the team benches to improve ventilation in that area, where players and coaches are tightly bunched. That's not an issue in most arenas as no fans are being admitted.

The league also mandated better spacing in locker room areas, which is going to be a problem in many places with small rooms, and directed players to no longer arrive at the arena any earlier than an hour and 45 minutes before a game unless they need medical treatment. Meetings are now required to be held virtually. Teams have until Wednesday to detail an improved locker room plan for 6 feet between stalls on both the home and visitors' side.

Dallas had a major outbreak during training camp and Bowness said the Stars, who played in the Stanley Cup Final in Edmonton in September, do not feel nearly as safe as they did during the NHL's bubble playoffs.

"You get strangers on the hotel elevator," Bowness said. "In Carolina the other day, we were getting onto an elevator and a couple got off and the woman did not have a mask on. So we don't know. Was she coughing in the elevator? Was she sneezing? Who knows, right? So you're not as safe, but I can tell you we're following the protocols with masks and distancing as much as we can. ... You are going in and out of hotel lobbies and elevators with other people around. It's impossible to feel as safe."
Krueger is believed to be the second NHL coach impacted by the virus this season. While Vegas had only one player on its Covid-19 list, veteran defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, the Golden Knights played games last week with General Manager Kelly McCrimmon and then its AHL coaching staff behind the bench as head coach Peter DeBoer was absent.
DeBoer was not on the ice when the team returned to practice on Wednesday and was again missing Thursday.
There have been 22 games postponed in the league thus far, including three scheduled for Thursday: Buffalo at the New York Islanders, Pittsburgh at New Jersey and Minnesota at Colorado. Seventeen of the 24 U.S.-based teams have been affected but none of the seven teams in Canada, who are only playing each other and not crossing the border, have been impacted.
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Yikes. That is unbelievable. I wonder if the vaccines are gonna have any impact on the variant viruses???
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Has the more virulent COVID-UK virus invaded the NHL? With the rapid acceleration of the cases erupting in the NHL, especially the New Jersey Devils, one has to wonder if this is the case?

Even NHL commissioner Gary Bettman acknowledges that this Covid variant may be the dreaded UK virus.

"We are mindful of the fact that we might be seeing a more aggressive transmission of the virus ," said Bettman.

NHL and COVID-19 issues: What we know as 26 games have been postponed less than a month into season

Mike Brehm

The NHL season is entering its fourth week, and one of the tougher opponents has been COVID-19.

The league has had to postpone 26 games so far because of COVID-19 protocols, affecting every division except the all-Canada North. Eleven games have yet to be rescheduled. Seventeen of 24 U.S.-based teams have been affected.

The practice facilities for the New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche are closed, and the Sabres announced Thursday that head coach Ralph Krueger had tested positive and was entering protocol.

Thursday, the league took additional steps to try to curb the rise. Glass was removed from behind player benches to improve air flow, teams were told to create more spacing in the dressing rooms, and coaches and players are barred from the arena until 1 hour, 45 minutes before a game.

"We are mindful of the fact that we might be seeing a more aggressive transmission of the virus and will continue to make adjustments to our protocols as we consult on a daily basis with, and adhere to, the recommendations of our medical advisors,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement.

In the evening, the league postponed Avalanche games through Feb. 11.

Where things stand around the league:

New Jersey Devils: Eight days ago, goalie Mackenzie Blackwood was the lone Devils player on the COVID-19 protocol list, which can mean, among other reasons, an initial positive test, someone showing symptoms, quarantining because of a trade or possible exposure to someone who tested positive. Wednesday, that number had swelled to 17, and those players are unavailable to play or practice until cleared. It fell to 16 Thursday with goalie Aaron Dell cleared. The Devils have had three games postponed through Monday.

Buffalo Sabres: The Sabres played the Devils twice last weekend, and four New Jersey players from the second game were added to the list Monday. Sabres players Taylor Hall and Rasmus Ristolainen went on the list the following day, two more were added Wednesday and one Thursday. Four games have been postponed through Tuesday.

Minnesota Wild: Five players -- Nick Bjugstad, Nick Bonino, Joel Eriksson Ek, Marcus Johansson and Jared Spurgeon -- joined Marcus Foligno on the list Wednesday. As a result, the league announced Wednesday night that Minnesota's next four games are postponed. Nico Sturm was added to the list Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Wild said last weekend that first-round pick Marco Rossi, 19, has returned to his native Austria to "rest with his family" as he deals with complications from COVID-19. He tested positive in November, recovered and played in the world junior championships but the complications were discovered during his physical with the Wild.

"He’s limited on what he can do right now, but it’s certainly looking promising for his future,” his agent, Serge Payer, told The Athletic.

Colorado Avalanche: Colorado had played the Wild on Tuesday night. Tyson Jost went on the list Wednesday, followed by captain Gabriel Landeskog on Thursday. The Avalanche's next game, against the Wild, was already off, and now two-game sets against the St. Louis Blues and Arizona Coyotes are, too.
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As I said in the post before, Bettman admits this could be a more deadly variant. "We are mindful of the fact that we might be seeing a more aggressive transmission of the virus," said Bettman.

Hopefully this Covid-UK won't explode now in Buffalo!
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The real question is does the vaccine work on the variants. If the answer is no, the fun is just starting.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 5 Feb 10:11
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The "experts" are saying that it should work against the variants, but even they are not sure. I think Fauci said that the vaccine may not work for the South African variant. He also said, there may be even more variants evolving in America and the world the longer Covid continues. The more reason to get everyone to take the vaccine, he said.

Better start wearing 6 masks and not breathing at all. LOL
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I noticed last night that Brady never wore a mask. I think the greatest quarterback in history has other ideas.

What a great game! Between the dominant Bucs D line who only rushed 4 and allowed more coverage of Hill and Kelce as well as Brady playing a good game, the Chiefs are gonna have to wait to be called legendary. That was the first time since 2016 for Mahomes to lose a game in double digits. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 8 Feb 09:45
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For once, both you and I were rooting for Brady and Gronk. It was great to see Brady connect with him two times for TDs. I don't feel sorry for the Chiefs. They are now experiencing what the Bills and their fans experienced after the AFC Championship game.

I don't like Mahomes and was glad to see him harassed all night. I think the Bills need to upgrade their defensive line. Too soft, no pressure at all on Mahomes.

Brady definitely has to be the greatest QB of all time. He was as cool as a cucumber and did exactly what needed to be done. Congrats to Brady & Gronk and the entire Bucs team.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 8 Feb 11:35
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An aggressive front 4 on defense allows the other 7 defenders to double team etc. It makes a big difference. The Bills draft should be closely watched.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 8 Feb 12:00
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 10 of 78
Outside of another big D lineman, the Bills do need a bigger running back to help the passing game. The Bucs were able to run the ball much better than the Bills did.

Other needs by the Bills: A big TE along the lines of Kelce and Gronk, maybe some more help on the O line.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Feb 11:11
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I rewatched part of the game last night. There was a Buc series where they ran the ball 3 times after that. I remember that the passing game was easier after that. 

You just need functional tough runners who can get yards. That is what Belichick likes. Also, good running controls the clock which the Bucs did a good job of.

Reid did mess up time management at the end of the first half when he called timeouts. Never give Brady the ball with a minute left and then call time outs to give him more time. That was fatal.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Feb 13:58
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I did see there are quite a few running backs listed as free agents. Here's some that the Bills could be interested in: Leonard Fournette, Buccaneers, Aaron Jones, RB, Packers, Kenyan Drake, RB, Cardinals, and Le’Veon Bell, Chiefs. I don't think the Bucs will let Fournette go, nor Jones of the Packers.

I also see some possible tight ends on the list: Hunter Henry, Chargers, Gerald Everett, Rams and your fav Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers. Don't think Gronk will want to go anywhere where Brady isn't.

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The Sabres GM, Kevin Adams, addressed the media about the Sabres current Covid situation. He tried to downplay the NHL's fault for not postponing the Sabres-Devils games the last weekend of January that turned out to be a superspreader. He said that the league has been doing everything possible to keep the players safe. However, there was a report by TSN’s Bob McKenzie the addition of 2 Devils to the Covid list led Sabres players to express concern to the NHLPA. The games were played and eventually 19 Devils were put on the Covid protocol list and 9 Sabres, along with the Sabress coach Ralph Krueger.

Two more Sabres games have been postponed, adding up to 12 in total that have to be made up.

Sabres GM Kevyn Adams: Info from NHL provided 'comfort' to play Devils

By Lance Lysowski Feb 9, 2021

As General Manager Kevyn Adams fielded questions from the media via video conference call Tuesday, 15 skaters and three goalies stepped onto the KeyBank Center ice for the Buffalo Sabres’ first practice following a weeklong pause.

The nine Sabres on the National Hockey League’s Covid protocol list weren’t present: Rasmus Dahlin, Casey Mittelstadt, Curtis Lazar, Dylan Cozens, Tobias Rieder, Taylor Hall, Jake McCabe, Rasmus Ristolainen and Brandon Montour.

Neither was coach Ralph Krueger, who is experiencing symptoms related to his Covid-19 positive test Thursday. The practice was run by assistant coach Steve Smith, who used patchwork lines and pairings to run the Sabres’ first on-ice session in eight days.

During a 25-minute news conference, Adams fielded questions about the circumstances that led to the Sabres’ temporary shutdown, specifically the events surrounding the two-game series against the New Jersey Devils on Jan. 30-31.

Rather than expressing frustration, Adams told the media that the NHL is doing everything in its power to keep players, coaches and staff safe while competing during a global pandemic. He also delivered an opening statement in which he lauded the Sabres’ efforts to avoid positive tests before the shutdown.

Adams first provided a clearer timeline regarding his communication with league officials. Prior to the first game against New Jersey, Adams spoke with NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly about the Devils adding Travis Zajac to the Covid protocol list on Jan. 29.

“From the information that was presented at that point Saturday, the comfort was that we should move forward and play the game,” said Adams. “On Sunday, I can’t really say from my standpoint – I didn’t have any information, nothing changed that I was aware of.”

However, prior to puck drop Sunday, the Devils added winger Kyle Palmieri to the Covid protocol list after he played against the Sabres the previous day. TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported that Palmieri’s addition led Sabres players to express concern to the NHLPA.

Adams, though, said he was unaware of any players expressing concerns to his hockey operations department or coaching staff.

“I was not aware, our coaches weren’t aware,” said Adams. “I don’t believe anyone knew going into the game Sunday that there was any sort of change. Obviously, going into the games, it was known that a player on their team was in the Covid protocol. There are obviously questions and that’s why I had the call on Saturday, to ask some questions and make sure I check in. None of that was brought up on Sunday.”

The Devils’ season was paused Feb. 1, as their number of players on the Covid protocol list has since grown to 19. The Sabres were also put on pause when Hall and  Ristolainen were added to the list last Tuesday.

The Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche were temporarily shut down later in the week, as the NHL began to investigate if these cases happened because of in-game transmission between the teams. The league has since increased its use of point-of-contact testing – which yield results in minutes – to try to limit the risk of playing games after someone is added to the Covid protocol list.

The Sabres used point-of-contact testing Tuesday to determine if it was safe to practice. The NHL also has enhanced its in-arena protocols, including the removal of Plexiglas behind each team’s bench.

“I think, as I said before, there’s learning going on,” said Adams. “Our players have been incredibly disciplined. We’ve come into a situation where potentially it was in the New Jersey locker room and now we are where we are. There’s certainly the ability to connect the dot, but I don’t want to in any way (come off as) saying it’s happening on the ice. We have to let time play out. We have to let the contact tracing play out. We have to let the doctors be the experts and then we’ll know. As soon as that information is shared, I’m sure it will come back to the organization.”

The Sabres practiced Tuesday with Jack Eichel, Victor Olofsson, Tage Thompson, Eric Staal, Sam Reinhart, Riley Sheahan, Jeff Skinner, Cody Eakin, Kyle Okposo, Colin Miller, Henri Jokiharju, Matt Irwin, Brandon Davidson, Will Borgen, C.J. Smith, Carter Hutton, Linus Ullmark and Jonas Johansson.

No decision will be made on a possible interim coach until it’s clear if Krueger will be able to return in time for the next scheduled game Monday against the New York Islanders. Adams has also received no indication that the Sabres may be forced to play fewer than 56 games. Buffalo had 12 games rescheduled Saturday and its two games this week, both against Washington at home, were postponed.

Adams said there are players and staff in Covid protocols that are symptomatic and asymptomatic.

“I’m talking to him multiple times every day,” Adams said of Krueger. “I feel very comfortable that he’s being looked after from our doctors and trainers. We’ll have to see yet where we go from here. As we get into next week, we certainly hope that Ralph is asymptomatic and comes out of the protocols and he’s ready to go when we play our next game. I’m not quite ready to get into that yet because we’ll just have to see where Ralph is.”
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)10 Feb 10:03
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Sabres rookie GM addressed the media about the Covid Super Spreader and the state of the team on Tuesday. Instead of blasting the NHL and the Devils for the health predicament the Sabres are in, he put on his kid gloves and tried to put the league in the best light. However, Adams did touch a few hot topics, one being that the virus infecting their 61 year old head coach and 9 players could possibly be the more dangerous mutants. From the article below:
Adams also let a cat out of the bag a couple times that the league is looking at different strains here. You wonder if some of the Devils were spreading one of the much more transmissible variants, and that's why the NHL's assumption that there was no in-game transmission – there was none in Canada remember – might be out the window now.
Also there isn't one team north of the border in the Canadian division that has ANY players in the Covid protocol. I guess Canada was right to seal off the border to Americans!

Kevyn Adams only looking ahead and Sabres' challenges are daunting

By Mike Harrington

Kevyn Adams was in full going-forward mode Tuesday and you get it. Blaming the NHL or the New Jersey Devils isn't going to do anybody any good, especially when you're dealing with a situation that involves the health of players, staff and even your head coach.

Those people should be your priorities right now, not going on any rant about how the Devils were negligent or the NHL's medical team screwed up by allowing that Sunday matinee to take place on Jan. 31. Even though that might be the case on both counts.

The Sabres had gone the entire month – all of training camp and the first 18 days of the season – without a single player on the Covid-19 protocol list. Then, the the Devils hit town. And while it's still going to take more study and contact tracing to say for sure, it feels like we're putting 2+2 together and getting 3.9 while well on the way to 4 when it comes to what happened here.

Still, after listening to Adams, it was worth trying his advice. Taking a few steps from the end of his video call that reporters watched in the arena concourse to a seat in the 100 level of the seating bowl saw a normal picture unfolding, but a weird one too.

Yes, the Sabres were practicing again. On the ice for the first time in nine days. The sounds of sticks and skates and the normal chatterboxing of goaltender Carter Hutton were the same.

It looked like a practice, but a lot of guys were missing. Big names too, such as Hall, Ristolainen, Dahlin, McCabe and Cozens. Other important ones such as Montour, Rieder, Lazar and Mittelstadt. You need a chunk of them to get off that Covid-19 list. And fast.

It looked like a practice, but there was no head coach, with Ralph Krueger dealing with Covid-19 symptoms and reminding us all how sobering this pandemic is. You worry about young athletes, but they're all in their 20s and 30s. This is really driven home when the 61-year-old coach is affected and nobody can really say how soon he can come back.

It looked like a practice, but it felt like training camp in September. You can't suddenly take a full team off the ice for more than a week and expect them to look very good. And remember now, because of this break, this is a team that has only played 10 games in the last 11 months. You're going to have to break out the Rust-Oleum again.

It looked like a practice, but there's no longer any glass between the benches. New protocols. Can't wait for the arguments over delay-of-game penalties. Was it high enough to clear where the glass would have been or not?

It looked like a practice, but how do you gird for a game when there's none for another six days – and that's provided nothing else happens?

We didn't hear from any players Tuesday, which is a violation of NHL rules on days teams practice. Normal media policy would be to set the Sabres ablaze for that, but what's normal these days anyway? And in a global pandemic, it seems the Sabres can get a one-day pass on such issues, especially when we know we'll hear from Jack Eichel and perhaps others on Wednesday (Memo to Sabres: Don't do it again).

A lot of the time spent with Adams was about reading between the lines.

He went out of his way to refute some reports that the Sabres were irate with the league when he said he had a conversation with deputy commissioner Bill Daly prior to the Jan. 30 game against the Devils. Adams also said "everything has been shared and transparent" by the league. It was notable that he didn't send any olive branches the Devils' way.

A telling comment that raised my eyebrows was when Adams said, "I've certainly been reminded a number of times this week I'm not a doctor."

We should all remember that one. Decisions to play or not to play are not being made by Gary Bettman, no matter how many times fans howl his name. This is a medical issue. Doctors and epidemiologists are involved. And they can make mistakes, just as Bettman has made over the years.

It is important to remember that the NHL had no positive cases in its playoff bubbles. But the players were all contained in Canada and dealing with warm weather. The league may have been a little full of itself in the wake of those points, but it's certainly eye-popping to notice that there are no troubles with any of the seven Canadian teams, but major issues brewing across the American landscape.

Next time we want to harangue Justin Trudeau for not wanting to open the border, guess we have to remember that point.

Adams also let a cat out of the bag a couple times that the league is looking at different strains here. You wonder if some of the Devils were spreading one of the much more transmissible variants, and that's why the NHL's assumption that there was no in-game transmission – there was none in Canada remember – might be out the window now.

"We are in a incredibly challenging situation worldwide. And this is evolving, it's changing," Adams said. "There's different strains. I mean, everybody is doing their best to manage this and keep up."

Adams said he refuses to feel angry or frustrated.

"It's about moving forward," he said. "And how do we not let this happen again? And what can we do differently? What can anyone that was involved do differently? And then how do we rally around this as a team  ... That's what I'm more interested in, rather than kind of looking back and being frustrated or upset. It's more about let's move forward and let's do this together."

Fair enough. The Sabres have enough issues brewing. They're missing their top four defensemen and several key forwards. By the time they finally play again, they'll be last in the East Division, albeit with several games in hand. But how are they going to play 46 games in 83 days? This is going to be like the NBA or MLB in that it seems top players might have to take games off.

It's all so complicated. The NHL is a reflection of life: What is normal anymore?
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)10 Feb 10:28
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I agree. Bell is a head case and I do not think he will help the Bills. I would also look for monster Defensive lineman personally.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)10 Feb 10:45
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 16 of 78
I would also look for monster Defensive lineman personally.

Too bad the Bills couldn't coax Bruce Smith out of retirement. They need someone like him, or maybe his clone.

The Bills could also pursue Suh, who is a free agent. From the Buffalo News...

Bucs DT Ndamukong Suh: The 34-year-old has only missed two games in his career, and those came in his second season in 2011. Suh, who had a pair of sacks against the Chiefs, had six sacks in the regular season for the Bucs, his most since recording 8.5 in his final season with the Detroit Lions in 2014. Since then, he’s bounced from the Dolphins to the Rams to the Bucs, but he can still impact the game as a pass rusher, which is something the Bills want more of from their front four on defense.


From: Carl (SPARTACUS)11 Feb 10:23
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 17 of 78
Yeah, Suh would definitely help. When you think of great teams, names like the Steel Curtain, Fearsome Foursome, etc reflect how defense made them great.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)11 Feb 11:15
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This offseason will be interesting to see who goes where. The Bills have a lot of needs, but then they also may lose free agents.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)12 Feb 11:05
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I think the lifespan of an NFL player on average is 5 years in the league. Thus, change is all that is permanent on the teams.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)12 Feb 14:37
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 20 of 78
I do know that the running backs average in the league is around 5 years, or less. Quarterbacks, starters that is, usually last around 10 years or so. Not sure about the linemen, receivers, linebackers, etc.