Where in the world is Fauci?

From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 7 Mar 13:32
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 1 of 634
Just curious but has anyone seen Dr. Fauci? I sadly could not find him on the Sunday news shows.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 7 Mar 14:14
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 2 of 634
Maybe he's the new Where's Waldo.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 7 Mar 14:34
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 3 of 634
If he was such a success, why hide unless the crap is gonna hit the fan soon? Shouldn't he be doing victory laps now that Covid is minimized? I suspect he is either in Joe Biden's Delaware basement or hiding out as a Sabre's fan.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 7 Mar 16:26
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 4 of 634
Maybe he's joined the Ukrainian Foreign Legion to help fight for another cause.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 7 Mar 20:53
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 5 of 634
I will be watching the news to see if Fauci is aiming a Javelin missile at a Russian tank.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 8 Mar 10:58
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 6 of 634
Who knows what side Facui will be fighting for? He made his money in China with his Covid lab, so my money is him wearing the China army uniform.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 8 Mar 12:27
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 7 of 634
Fauci is probably working with the Chinese to develop a new covid based virus to wipe out Taiwan.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 8 Mar 12:38
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 8 of 634
The new Covid virus Fauci and China are developing in Fauci's labs will only target Americans and the West, where Russians and Chinese will be immune.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 8 Mar 13:44
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 of 634
The way things have been going; that actually makes a lot of sense. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 8 Mar 14:24
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 10 of 634
You can tell that's in the works. And Fauci will explain it away why it's only affecting Americans.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Mar 09:53
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 11 of 634
Fauci is the highest paid Fed in the world. And we cannot find him? I want that job. LOL
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Mar 10:15
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 12 of 634
Actually, why in the world would you want to find Dr. Fauci?? Haven't we had enough of him...and hasn't he cause enough damage?

Let's concentrate on someone who is really causing damage these days. Our senile President and his policies that are sending this nation into super inflation. Instead of opening up drilling in Alaska and Texas, he's going to our bitter enemies like Iran and Valenzuela to get more oil. We'll have to arm Iran with all the nukes they want and who knows what they'll ask for in Valenzuela.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Mar 10:54
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 13 of 634
Hopefully, Venezuela will ask the imbecile in chief to send Kamala there to manage immigration issues for them? And to help develop Electric School Buses which is one of her fave issues.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Mar 11:28
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 14 of 634
Kamala would fit right in Venezuela.

Alaska and Texas along with the Keystone pipeline are the answers to our oil problem, but Biden is doing Russia's bidding so he'll refuse to lift the ban. Russia is even negotiating with Iran to help Biden get his oil if he allows Iran to become a nuclear power.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Mar 12:27
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 15 of 634
Putin must be crazy if he wants Iran to get nukes.... LOL
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Mar 15:01
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 16 of 634
Don't put anything past Putin. He just bombed a children's hospital in Ukraine.

A Russian attack severely damaged a children's hospital and maternity ward in the besieged port city of Mariupol, Ukrainian officials said Wednesday, as citizens trying to escape shelling on the outskirts of Kyiv streamed toward the capital amid warnings from the West that Moscow’s invasion is about to take a more brutal and indiscriminate turn.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote on Twitter that there were “people, children under the wreckage” of the hospital and called the strike an “atrocity.” Authorities said they were trying to establish how many people had been killed or wounded.

From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Mar 15:23
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 17 of 634
Don't worry, Biden and his team are all over that bombing.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Mar 16:05
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 18 of 634
Biden will blame it on the Russians, like he did the oil crisis. This time, he is right, unlike the spiking oil prices.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS) 9 Mar 16:22
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 19 of 634
Gas prices hit a record high. And will set another high tomorrow. Biden sure knows about highs with drugs and gas prices.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN) 9 Mar 19:30
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 20 of 634
Oil dropped a little to 110 a barrel, but don't expect the gas prices to drop. The gas stations are quick to raise their prices, but really slow lowering them. Unless it goes down to below 90 a barrel will you see any reduction in gas prices. It's collusion between gas stations.