Natural News is now Russian propaganda machine

From: Razz (RAZZMAN)16 Apr 09:51
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I used to like Natural News for it's articles on natural health alternatives. But the past few years, it has become a propaganda machine for the Russian government. Putin is pulling Mike Adams' strings and there's a big campaign to support Putin's illegal war in Ukraine and defend his killing of innocent civilians.

I was shocked to see an article comparing Ukraine's president Zelensky to Adolph Hitler. What???? It is actually Putin who has been using Hitler's play book to invade Ukraine and kill thousands of innocents. It's the old point the blame to the innocents you are killing.

I was shocked to see how far Natural News has sank to new lows, supporting a dictator who is committing genocide.

I did a search for Zelensky and was shocked to see all these anti-Ukraine and pro-Russian articles.  Check out some of these articles:

Zelensky follows in footsteps of Hitler by arresting opposition leader year, polls showed that it had passed out Zelensky’s Servant of the People as the most popular party in the state. That seemed to prompt a crackdown by Zelensky, who closed media outlets associated with Medvedchuk. "..

Bucha atrocities: Were perpetrators Russian troops or Ukrainian neoNazis? killed entire families, adults and children and they tried to burn the bodies,” Zelensky said . ... But there appear to be troubling facts that contradict the “Russia did it” narrative of Zelensky, the U.S."...

Russia claims latest missile attack is ANOTHER false flag continued in an address to Finland’s parliament, adding “Why this cruelty that the world has witnessed in Bucha and other cities liberated by the Ukrainian army?” ... Following the claims of genocide, Zelensky stated that negotiations to end the conflict now “might not happen”. "...

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to trigger NATO intervention? the information can be verified, it needs to be highlighted [for the media]: ‘Zelensky prepares two [false flag] provocations in Mariupol!!! ... Zelensky was unable to drag the EU, USA and UK into the war against the Russian

From: Razz (RAZZMAN)16 Apr 09:59
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Natural News is now defending Putin's attacks on innocent civilians, women and children and blaming Zelensky and Ukraine as the criminals and Nazis. Speak about reversing the blame and making Ukraine deserving of Putin's scorched earth policies.

According to Mike Adams and Natural News, Putin is right to "defend the Russian border and going on the offense in Ukraine. Here's some more articles by the Russian Propaganda Machine that goes by the label of "Natural News."

Zelensky follows in footsteps of Hitler by arresting opposition leader

Natural News) Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenksy is following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi Party by having the opposition leader in Ukraine arrested on dubious charges.

Some Western commentators have labelled him as Vladimir Putin’s “closest ally in Ukraine.” However, the Russian President has described Medvechuk as a “Ukrainian nationalist.”

Russia denies targeting civilians and says the aim of its "special military operation" is to disarm its neighbor, defeat nationalists and protect separatists in the southeast.

Bucha massacre is a false flag

 The Bucha massacre is a false flag. That was the contention of Jeffrey Prather during the April 8 episode of his program “The Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV.

“So I am not supporting the fake news propaganda press march to war. And I have now analyzed the intelligence and it looks very clearly like the Bucha massacre is a false flag. And I said from the beginning, it just didn’t make any sense because [Russian President Vladimir] Putin was very careful to avoid civilian casualties. He did not turn off the power. He did not turn off the internet in the areas that he took back,” explained Prather, who is a former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special agent targeted by the Deep State.

Prather also shared a video showing Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoners of war or POWs in the leg and another video showing Ukrainian troops shooting captured Russian soldiers dead in the streets of Kyiv. He said this is forbidden under the rules of warfare because soldiers who surrendered must be treated correctly and morally as POWs, especially if that country is a signatory to the Geneva Convention.

Prather pointed out that Putin was only defending Russia’s borders, but now the Russians are being blamed for everything. He also said that mainstream media like Newsmax, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, among others are all involved in the march to war.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)16 Apr 14:16
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It just goes to show what my father once told me: "One cannot believe anything they hear (or read) and only half of what they see."
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)16 Apr 15:03
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It just irks me that Mike Adams has let his Natural News site turn into a source for pro-Russian propaganda. When they started talking about how Zelensky was taking the same path as the Nazis did in the late 30s, then I knew that the site was corrupt and spreading FAKE NEWS.

It's Russia and Putin that are spreading vicious disinformation about Ukraine and how this is just a military operation to cleanse the country from Nazis. The article below tells about the lies coming out of the Kremlin.

Russian war disinformation — from the Bucha massacre to the sinking of the Moskva battleship — keeps growing

Yahoo News
Zach Dorfman
April 15, 2022, 4:10 PM

From the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and throughout the conflict, Moscow has pursued a strategy of aggressive public dissembling, prevarication and disinformation aimed at creating an alternative reality to explain how events have unfolded on the ground.

In Russia itself, the rules for even talking about Ukraine have become Orwellian, with citizens now facing lengthy potential prison sentences for simply stating that their country is at war, let alone expressing opposition to it. (The Kremlin-approved term for the conflict is “special military operation,” not war.)

In contrast, Russian state media and top Russian officials have repeatedly propagated an entirely false reality in which Moscow, not Kyiv, is faced with an existential military threat; where Ukrainians, not Russians, are committing horrific war crimes against Ukrainian civilians; where Ukraine is run by neo-Nazis; and where Russia’s war aims are proceeding entirely according to plan.

Here are some of the most flagrant falsehoods advanced by Moscow about Russia’s attack on Ukraine:

The massive buildup of troops on Ukraine’s border preceding the invasion was for 'training exercises'

Beginning last summer, a spike in Russian military personnel and equipment amassing on Ukraine’s border set off alarm bells in Western capitals. Russia repeatedly and strenuously denied that the buildup was for anything other than routine military exercises.

The Ukrainian government is run by neo-Nazis

Putin’s attempts to link Ukraine with Nazism have also proved a stretch. Russia has claimed that the Ukrainian government is an outlaw state run by neo-Nazi extremists. In fact, Zelensky is Jewish and won election in 2019 as a moderate. And though Ukraine has struggled with corruption, its government is squarely mainstream in nature — and, in fact, far less right-wing than some European states like Hungary.

Moreover, Russia’s purported “de-Nazification” objectives ring particularly hollow since Russia has employed its own neo-fascist paramilitary operatives to fight in Ukraine, including the Wagner Group, which is closely connected to the Russian government, and the Russian Imperial Movement, which the U.S. designated a terrorist group in 2020.

Russia’s invasion is operating on schedule and according to plan

Moscow has repeatedly claimed that its “special military operation” in Ukraine is proceeding as planned. But this is demonstrably false. Russia’s original plan was to make a lightning strike on the capital, Kyiv, capture or kill Ukrainian leadership and force Ukrainian legislators to vote in a pro-Russia puppet government.

But that plan disintegrated amid fierce Ukrainian resistance, including a critical victory at an airport near Kyiv that foiled Russian troops from establishing a beachhead near the capital. Buoyed by these early victories, Ukrainians have managed to beat back Russia’s assault on Kyiv and other major cities such as Kharkiv, preventing Moscow’s forces, so far, from taking those major population centers.

The massacre in Bucha was staged (and if it's not, Ukraine is to blame)

Ukrainians discovered shocked them as well as much of the world: widespread evidence of war crimes and atrocities committed by Russian forces. Russian forces in Bucha appeared to have wantonly executed people it knew to be civilians, including women and children, and forced women into sex slavery.

Russia immediately offered a series of contradictory explanations for the scenes in Bucha: that Russian troops had left the town before the killings began (which was false); that the killings were staged (false); and that if the killings were real, the massacre was a “false flag” by the Ukrainians (also false).

In fact, the transference of blame to Ukraine for Russia’s own heinous actions has been a hallmark of the war. Russia also claimed that its attack on the Kramatorsk train station, which killed over 50 civilians trying to flee violence in Ukraine’s east, was committed by the Ukrainians themselves.

Moscow has also claimed, without any evidence, that the U.S. is planning on using an army of infected birds to send bioweapons into Russia.

From: Razz (RAZZMAN)16 Apr 19:09
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Now Russia is warning the U.S. to stop arming Ukraine, or else....
Russia has warned the United States that there will be “unpredictable consequences”
I say stop killing thousands of innocent women and children and get the HELL out of Ukraine, or suffer the consequences,

There are jets available in Poland for the Ukraine pilots to fly. They should get all pilots who can fly these into Poland so they can fly them back into Ukraine.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)17 Apr 07:31
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The Imbecile is half assing this conflict. You are either in it to win. It is like he does not want to aggravate Putin. What a joke.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)17 Apr 10:00
To: Carl (SPARTACUS) 7 of 283
It is like he does not want to aggravate Putin.

Exactly. All Putin has to do is to mention the nuclear option, and Biden and the west start soiling their pants. Putin is getting away with genocide, and by letting him continue his murderous assaults, the more he'll be entrenched. If he can get away with killing off civilians, then it's too bad if we supply Ukraine with all the weapons they need. If we can give them helicopters, then supply them with enough jet fighters to destroy the Russian invasion.


From: Carl (SPARTACUS)25 Apr 08:05
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I do not believe the news. I believe my eyes. Have you seen the cities which Putin destroyed. He has already won the war.

Sending Blinken and the fat general to Ukraine only means they are planning to retreat. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)25 Apr 09:26
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Yea, Mariupol is a pile of rubble and burnt out buildings. Putin's plan is "if you don't surrender, I'll burn down your city." There will be nothing left of the cities. He'll have to clean up the debris and rebuild them all. Not going to be cheap for Russia.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)25 Apr 10:13
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For sure. And the only way he makes his money is selling oil and gas. If someone in the White House had a brain, you would think we should become completely energy independent, and then drop the price of a barrel of oil. That would be the best way to mess with Putin. This was also the Star Wars strategy where Reagan bankrupted the USSR.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)25 Apr 10:31
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the only way he makes his money is selling oil and gas.

For a second I thought you were talking about Pegula. But then you would have probably added screwing over the fans to get a free ride.

Russia has lost thousands of soldiers in this war, along with all the tanks and planes lost in the battle. Just wonder how long Putin's money will hold out to finance this war? He certainly won't have enough to try to take over the former Soviet states like Poland the Czech Republic. The only thing he could possibly do is to continue his scorched earth policy and employ the nukes on those countries.

From: Carl (SPARTACUS)25 Apr 10:41
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Guy on the radio said Putin makes a billion a day selling oil and gas. I think he can hold out for a while. Plus, if you notice where he is fighting his supply lines are very short and his troops are familiar with the terrain.

The Germans decided to go green and shut down their nuclear plants and natural gas plants. As such, they are captives to Russian Oil.

To be perfectly clear, NATO is paying Putin to destroy Ukraine. Sad but true. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)25 Apr 15:21
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Another thing, they said that Putin has stashed away tons of money, so he can probably continue his war even without the oil and gas profits. The only way to stop him is the old adage, "cut the snake off at the head."

The problem is who would replace him in the Kremlin?
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)26 Apr 07:43
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If someone in the Kremlin are mean enough to off Putin, you may wish Putin stayed. LOL
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)26 Apr 09:14
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I finally finished watching Strike Back on DVD last night. The last episode had the three remaining of the Strike Back crew going into a Russian fortress where they were keeping millions of dollars to rob some of the stash. Before that heist, the girl with her hair shaved off on the sides, was shooting everyone in a Russian casino. They need someone like her to infiltrate the Kremlin and do what she does best to the monster in charge.
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From: Carl (SPARTACUS)26 Apr 09:54
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I gave up on Strike Back when the originals left. I liked them and their sense of humor.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)26 Apr 10:07
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This was the second crew. It was pretty good, with a lot of firefights.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)26 Apr 11:13
To: Razz (RAZZMAN) 18 of 283
What channel is Strike Back on?
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)26 Apr 11:41
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We got the DVDs from the library. It originally aired on Cinemax.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)26 Apr 11:47
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I do not use DVDs. Am a streaming only person now.