10 killed in racist shooting at Buffalo supermarket,...

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Breaking Yahoo News 10 killed in racist shooting at Buffalo supermarket, officials say; suspect in custody

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I found this story about the shooter's parents, how he threatened to shoot up his his high school graduation and how former classmates described his strange behaviors in class.


Buffalo white supremacist, 18, threatened a school graduation shooting last year and was given psychiatric treatment - but still legally bought three guns: Classmates reveal he acted strangely, wore hazmat suit to school for a week and scared them with 'Hitler-esque' political views

A teenage white supremacist who murdered 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket threatened to shoot a classmate at his high school graduation last year.

Officials at the Susquehanna Valley High School brought in New York State Police to investigate Payton Gendron, 18, of Conklin, NY, in June of 2021 after he made statements that he would shoot fellow students.

A year later he ended up shooting 13 people - 10 of them fatally - during an attack motivated by his hatred for black people at a Top Market supermarket in Buffalo.  The two victims so-far named are retired cop turned store security guard Aaron Salter and shopper Ruth Whitfield, an 86 year-old grandmother.

'A school official reported that this very troubled young man had made statements indicating that he wanted to do a shooting, either at a graduation ceremony, or sometime after,' a government source told the Buffalo News.

After police looked into the account, Gendron was referred for mental health evaluation and counseling.

Classmates said that he often acted strangely at times and espoused extremist views on politics.

Last year, one former student recalled, Gendron wore a hazmat suit to school for a week. She believed it had something to do with protecting himself from the coronavirus, but she didn't rule out the fact that he was making a joke.

'It was the most extra thing that I ever saw him do,' a former classmate who asked not to be named said.

There were other indications of Gendron's fragile mental state.

 During a class exercise in political class in which the students created their own countries with the government of their choice, Gendron's pick was an autocratic regime that the classmate described as 'Hitler-esque.'

'His views were extreme,' the student said. 'You could pick any form of government that you wanted and he picked a totalitarian government.'

Payton Gendron, 18, far left, holds a harmless facsimile to the automatic rifles that he used to murder 10 people in a Buffalo supermarket

The classmate recalled that he almost collided with her head on in his car, but she brushed it off at the time to careless driving.

'He was definitely into video games - shooter games,' she said.

'It's so mind-blowing to think that it could have been us,' she said. 'I know he had his manifesto, but what if he decided to do a test run on us.' 

For the most part he was quiet, but she said he would 'smile weirdly' when he spoke to people. She said she didn't remember him every having a girlfriend.

Gendron is one of four boys born to Paul and Pamela Gendron, two civil engineers with the state who live in Conklin, NY, three and half hours south of Buffalo. Paul coached his kids in the town soccer league and at least one neighbor found him 'strange.' His mother appeared conceited, locals said.

'He's from this pristine family,' a schoolmate said. 'They have everything together, they were just perfect.'

In photos posted by his mother on Facebook, Payton Gendron appears to tower over his father and others.

'He was 6'1' or 6'2'' his schoolmate said. 'He was a big guy.'

The family appears to be a tight-knit suburban family that played LaserTag together, when to Autumn festivals, the beach and dined together in restaurants. 

Neighbors said they were odd. 

'To be honest, the mother was kind of snooty,' a local parent who asked not to be named said. 'Like she was better than everyone else. The father was strange. Like when you meet someone and they just seem off.'

 A neighbor recalled him bringing home a human-sized Brontosaurus that he build for a school project. School records show that he was a good student and made high honors in his senior year, scoring higher than 92 percent in all his classes.

Facebook photos show that Gendron went on a few college tours and spent some time enrolled in Broome County Community College. A college spokeswoman told he Buffalo News that he was no longer enrolled.

'They have a really nice family,' neighbor Nancy Santucci said. 'They seem like regular people. In a million years I never would think that anyone from this neighborhood would drive to Buffalo to carry out a racially motivated shooting.'

'I'm just shocked,' she said.

The young man posted a 180-page manifesto online before the shooting espousing the paranoid white supremacist views that whites were being replaced in American by people of color.

In the screed, he says that he was radicalize by 4Chan, the same online chat group that launched Qanon. He claims that critical race theory is a Jewish plot to undermine white which he argues is a reason to kill Jews.

He also refers to other mass shootings carried out to further racist ideology like Dylan Roof, who who killed nine people in a black church in South Carolina and New Zealand lunatic Brenton Tarrant, who murdered 51 people in mosque.

Gendron also espoused the 'great replacement theory', which claims Democrats are deliberately importing illegal migrants into the US wholesale to achieve electoral dominance while driving whites to extinction.  

Payton and his mom, Pamela Gendron, enjoy a day out at the amusement park.
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There is no logic to this insanity. Interesting he wore a hazmat suit to school. hmmmm
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The 18-year old kid idolized other mass shooters, posted a hate manifesto, and live-streamed the massacre on a site called Twitch. That site took down his video 2 minutes later.

He was in Buffalo the day before casing out Tops and other possible sites.
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My question is why Buffalo? There must have been closer locations to his home which met his hatred.
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He chose Buffalo as it had the highest percentage of blacks in that one area in driving distance. Not sure about NYC, but I guess this was closer.
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That was a good article. There was one point he made that didn't make sense.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said Gendron had no further contact with law enforcement after his release from the hospital.

To which my response is, why the hell weren’t YOU calling into HIM, Commissioner?

Why would a Buffalo Police Commissioner be keeping tabs on someone from Broome County, over 3 hours away??? That should be the responsibility of the Broome County police dept.

The author did make some good points here though...
there are urgent questions I would like Broome County police to answer:

Did you check Gendron’s computer and phone after he threatened to shoot up his school? We know he spent many months, possibly years, studying previous mass shootings and race hate crimes.

Did you speak to his schoolmates and ask them about his worrying behavior and state of mind that was causing them concern?

Did you know his father had given him a gun for his 16th birthday?

Why didn’t you put any note on his background check files detailing his threat to shoot up his school and subsequent two-day mental health evaluation?

From: Carl (SPARTACUS)16 May 13:53
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Good point. Also, how would the Buffalo commish even be aware of a guy who lived hours away from Buffalo?

The cover up is in full swing. Will be surprised if we ever really know who messed up here.
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I go back to my earlier point that the parents have to get a lot of the blame. Here's their son, who already threatened to shoot up his high school, living with them and surely he shares some of his views. They should have been aware of the armored gear and guns he was purchasing. And letting him use their car and he's gone for 2 days. If they didn't suspect something about to blow up with their son, then they obviously were blind.
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From: Carl (SPARTACUS)16 May 14:10
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I agree. Just like the Sandy Hook mother who bought her special ed kid guns etc and before he shot up the school, he killed her. Should of seen that one coming too. But she did not.

Just the fact the father got the kid a rifle, makes him look bad in my opinion.
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Did you see that photo of the entire family posing with guns? Maybe the parents supported their son's ideas and encouraged him. They probably didn't think he'd play it out like he did, though.


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From: Carl (SPARTACUS)16 May 15:05
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Guns do not shoot people, people do. It is good advertisement for crooks to leave them alone.

The police and gov are not gonna protect nor prevent this crap. Might as well get the odds in your favor.

I was saddened by the former Cop who I guess did get a few rounds off.
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Guns do not shoot people, people do.

I've heard that argument before. Maybe they should make it legal to buy tanks and everyone can drive their tank to work and shoot anyone with their canons on the expressway that ticks them off. Then the quote could be "Tanks don't shoot people, people do."

I believe in the second amendment. However, assault weapons should be banned to all except the police and military. You don't need a semi-automatic to shoot a deer. I believe in the second amendment. But guns are too easy to obtain, mostly illegally. 3D printers can also make plastic guns. Parts for guns can be bought online and then assembled.

A lot of man's inventions could be used for good or bad. Cars can be weapons. Scissors, knives, hammers and baseball bats could be used as weapons. Nuclear energy can be used for electricity or to blow up cities. Guns also can have both good and bad uses.

I believe in the balance in life. Don't go to the extremes, try to find the balance in nature. That can be applied to gun control. Try to balance what people can and cannot possess. I see no reason for people to possess assault weapons.

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From: Carl (SPARTACUS)17 May 07:45
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I will say when I saw the size of an assault weapon bullet vs a 9MM.... it gave me a perspective on how dangerous the rifles are.
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I don't own any guns and haven't shot one since rifle club in H.S. This is probably the biggest gun I actually own...
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)17 May 09:14
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I looked at the stats. Many more are killed with handguns than assault weapons. 

We should ban bullets. That is my suggestion. 
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)17 May 09:34
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Go back to the old bow & arrow. That was the main weapon of war for almost as long as man walked the earth.
From: Carl (SPARTACUS)17 May 09:40
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Cross Bows are available online. Make sure to put Buffalo stuff on the arrows.
From: Razz (RAZZMAN)17 May 10:14
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Maybe I could put the Bills Mafia logo on the cross bow. LOL